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Great Dunmow Museum

Great Dunmow Through the Ages

1086 Seven Manors recorded in Domesday Book
1104 Origins of the Dunmow Flitch Trials
1215 Robert Fitzwalter of Dunmow led the Barons and made King John sign the Magna Carta
1253 First Market Charter granted
1280 Norman families funded building of the Parish Church
1555 Charter granted Borough status
1556 Local martyr Thomas Bowyer died for his faith during the Reformation
1601 Local martyr Anne Higham Line died for her faith during the Reformation
1640 Dunmow mainly supported Oliver Cromwell
1662 Local gentry welcomed King Charles II
1710 John Fordham was making clocks in the town
1740 Manual fire engine purchased
1784 Lionel Lukin tested the first unsinkable lifeboat on the Doctor's Pond
1803 Richard Randall founded his brewery
1840 Dunmow Union Workhouse opened
1843 Police station built
1855 Harrison Ainsworth revived the Dunmow Flitch Trials & horse-drawn fire engine built
1869 Railway came to Dunmow
1894 Parish Council & General Post Office Service established
1908 Flitch Bacon Company founded
1956 Armorial Bearings granted
1990 Town Council established
2000 First Dunmow Mayor elected
2001 Great Dunmow Museum opened

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